Don’t Rely Only on a Wired Internet Connection Again

If you have an M2M (Machine-to-Machine) network that relies on a wired based Internet connection, then you need to have a redundant connection that is wireless based. Comet Failover has the solution. Built on reliable wireless Nationwide carriers, we offer coverage that will assure your network is never down. This means that your network will never be at a loss due to a wired internet connection failure.

LTE 5G Connectivity

Protect your business with increased uptime; eliminate an average of 6.7 days (160 hours) of Internet downtime per year.

Tablets & Routers

Provide seamless customer transactions; 78% of lost transactions are due to Internet outages.

Business Class LTE

Ensure staying power in today’s competitive marketplace; loyal customers are worth up to 10 times more after their first purchase.

Pool Data Plan

We have the ability to provide you with a specific tiered plan designed to sustain your growth.

lte backup