Data Pool Plan Information

Simple Choice Pooled Data MI Only plans (Business)

• Pooled data is shared between multiple MI lines on the account. Requires the appropriate stackable feature.

• Grandfathered features are not eligible to these plans. They will be removed upon switching to this plan.

• Primary Account Holder (PAH) will receive notifications for all Pooled Voice Data and Pooled Data Mobile Internet (MI) only lines at 80%, 90% and 100% usage for the account. If customers call about usage, review the account to determine whether the SMS is related to Voice or MI usage.

• These plans are eligible for the $10 Automatic Monthly MI Discount.

• Pooled Data features do NOT include unlimited data or Data Stash.

• Known Issue: Simple Pooling Included buckets will reflect as Unlimited in Samson, QuikView, and on the customer’s bill. Customers and reps will still have access to be able to view current usage and remaining available data in other usage screens.

• Not eligible for the Simple Choice 15% Aggregate Volume Discount (AVD).

• Not Compatible with Legacy Advantage Program or AVD monthly discounts.

• Subscribers on these plans will still keep their corporate node identification.

• The plan MRC will still contribute to the total node spend (used to determine what level of AVD the node receives).

• Corporate node/on-contract business customers who move from Classic/Legacy to Pooled Data Mobile Internet plans may be subject to migration fees.