Regular Sim Card VS IOT Sim Card Which is better For Your Enterprise?

Regardless of identical features and functionality that a regular sim card offers by network operators for consumer Smartphones, differ vastly from IoT SIM cards that cater to the business. We are living in an era of technology and different technologies monitor us constantly. Many of them are powered by IoT SIM cards. Study shows that IoT technology is becoming more and more prominent for business. Let’s understand why your enterprise should choose an IoT sim card over a regular sim card. Read on!


The key difference between the regular and IoT sim card is the earlier has a standard set of features and does not include the things offered by IoT connectivity. IoT is enterprise-oriented and following are its features:

  1. IoT has multiple networks per country for increasing the coverage. It also helps by providing the global tariffs option with a single price. It terms and condition is also business-oriented and it is not rigid like a regular sim card.
  2. It also makes sure the security of the company data. It is highly relevant to the consumer market. IoT also helps in remote troubleshooting. This also uses direct encryption via IPSec.
  3. Enterprise IoT sim card provides a comprehensive web-based platform that manages the sim card. The controls in management are crucial in situations like when you have put limit usage of excessive data.
  4. It is available for mini, micro, and nano Sim; this is also available for different industrial- grades certification.
  5. IoT automates the API process with integrated connectivity into applications. It also gives support service 24/7 by chat phone and email.

IoT sim is an innovation for this generation and this technology serves a lot of purposes. IoT technology also helps in tracking information and this improves the quality of the service operator provides. We hope this article helped you with Router Modem 4g LTE, IoT sim card.