Top Considerations When Choosing a Backup Solution!

We are 4G-LTE Data service provider. We offer the speed and data allowances that fit your mobile internet habit whether you surfing the internet while on the bus, or streaming YouTube videos at the beach or anywhere.

  • Does the existing network switch over to backup link automatically?

  • Which applications get priority when the expensive backup link is in use?

  • Does the new LTE connection seamlessly integrate with existing network and management systems?

  • Is it difficult to deploy and managed multiple sites?

  • Is the backup link also secure?

  • Do you have a POS system that cannot afford to loose internet activity?

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    Can you afford downtime?  What if your internet goes out during the Holiday Season or a long weekend?  This outage can cost you hundreds if not thousands.

    PCI DSS Compliance

    Our advanced units include a complete management portal for reports and vulnerability scans, compliance helpdesk and templates for PCI-required documents.

    Keep Your Business Online 24×7

    Comet Failover delivers so much more than 4G Cellular Failover. Specifically designed for the needs of small and medium locations, the Digi 6310-DX is a cost-effective all-in-one edge device that delivers secure SD-Branch connectivity management, 4G cellular failover and next-generation security.

    4G LTE Cellular Failover

    Reliable and affordable 4G Cellular Failover connectivity for branch locations built directly into the edge device with multi-carrier data service options.

    Secure Wi-Fi

    Multiple SSIDs for segmented employee and family-friendly guest wireless connectivity, wireless access point detection (WAPD), and power over ethernet (POE)

    Next-Generation Firewall

    Next-generation firewall, application control, web filtering, and intrusion prevention system (IPS)

    Secure VPN Tunneling

    Site-to-site virtual private networking (VPN) connectivity through SSL or TSL 2.0

    lte backup

    Network Insurance
    Comet Failover’s unique solution means you’ll always be online!