Service Agreement

  1. Agreement term length is 12 month that transitions into month-to-month
  2. 7 day money back guarantee.
  3. Enterprise plans features, please read below.
  4. Monthly cellular data included per line of service:
    1. All plans include a specific amount of GB’s of monthly cellular data per connection unless otherwise stated.
    2. Data overages are possible with this service and are billed at $15.00 per additional  1 GB.
  5. Data pooling:
    1. Data pooling means that all connections within the same customer group have the ability to pool all monthly data.
    2. Data pooling is available when all locations are centrally invoiced.
  6. Hardware warranty for leased and purchased cellular devices:
    1. All Enterprise plans with leased cellular devices include a limited hardware warranty and advanced hardware replacement for the term of the agreement.
    2. Cellular devices that are purchased come with a one year limited hardware warranty.
  7. Both purchased and cellular devices include support and updates for the cellular device during the term of the agreement.
  8. All plans include data alerts.
  9. All plans include a non-static, public IP address when allowed by carrier.
  10. All plans include the dashboard access.
  11. All plans have remote assisted installation support.
  12. CometFailover engineers needed for remote firewall/router configuration will require additional fees. By purchasing this product, You (the customer) are subject to the following terms:
    • You (the customer signing this agreement) agree to the CometFailover Internet Terms of Service (a current copy of this Agreement is provided upon request).
    • Your plan has an early termination fee. This fee is pro-rated based on the remaining time left in the agreement, see internet terms of service. The fee for each plan is:
    • $479.88 for Starter CometFailover Plan.
    • $719.88 for Professional CometFailover Plan.
    • Devices purchased from CometFailover are only designed to work with the CometFailover internet service and are not necessarily portable to a different cellular service provider.
    • You authorize CometFailover to bill you for the term of contract for monthly service fees and any additional charges that are incurred as a result of use of the CometFailover services. Lessee is responsible for returning all leased equipment to CometFailover upon termination of my services and that if You do not return the equipment in good working order, that You will be required to reimburse CometFailover for the replacement cost of the equipment.


  • CometFailover reserves the right to suspend services whenever You exceed your monthly plan.
  • If for some reason, you expect to have unusually high data usage please call us at (754) 225-4467 to discuss options available to you.
  • The SIM only plan does not include a cellular device, hardware warranty or device support and updates. In the SIM only plan the customer is responsible for providing their own compatible cellular device.
  • All devices use data to maintain an active connection and for updates/monitoring/support, so not all data is available for customer use.
  • There will be a $5.95 service fee each month for customers not set up on ACH or credit card authorized billing.