What are managed IT services?

In essence, a business that utilizes managed support & services has entrusted its IT operations to a third-party service provider. In this role, Comet Failover will assume 24/7/365 responsibility for managing services like  monitoring and safeguarding your company’s infrastructure, allowing your employees to focus more fully on the core competencies that drive the success of your organization.

What are the benefits of Comet Failover’s Managed IT Services?

Experience the freedom to focus on your organizations goals and benefit from:

  • Lower IT costs
  • More predictable IT expenses
  • Minimal risk of IT-related catastrophes
  • Increased productivity
  • Up-to-date IT knowledge and expertise
  • Access to the latest technological breakthroughs
  • Strategic IT planning services

Lower Total Cost of Service

Network monitoring and proactive maintenance reduces costs and saves time by providing critical technical support to maximize performance, and stability.

Grow Your Business

Our experts can help streamline new technology assessments to support your company’s long-term growth strategy and help you stay focused on your core business.

Protect and Secure

The scope and complexity of security threats is always growing, which is why you need a professional team on your side that understands the latest threats to your network.

Comet Failover offers fully customized, end-to-end IT solutions. After performing an in-depth network infrastructure assessment, we can provide tailored recommendations for your company. Our managed IT support & services can include any combination of:

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    • IT procurement and vendor management services
    • Data center hardware and software
    • Managed security services
    • A 24/7/365 service desk
    • Data backup and disaster recovery services
    • Cloud services
    • Field services